The world cannot live without love
You will never possess the crystal




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Sheeta - “You see my family has a very old traditional name. And when the stone was passed on to me, I inherited that name. And the name I inherited was: Lu Sheeta Toelle Ul Laputa.”

Pazu - “Laputa…You mean you’re…?”

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"There’s a song in my valley. “Put down your roots in the soil, let us live together with the wind. Pass the winter with the seeds. Sing in the spring with the birds.” No matter how powerful your weapons or numerous your poor robots, you can’t survive apart from the earth."
— Sheeta, Castle in the Sky (via shelbyninja)
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Day 9 - 30 Day Studio Ghibli Challenge


Favourite ‘bad guy’ and why.

I like Muska. He’s pretty much the only legit bad guy. The scene between him and Sheeta near the end of Laputa is one of my favourite scenes ever. You know, the whole ‘the world can’t live without love’ speech. Love it.


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raikaken asked:
Laputa: Castle in the Sky or The Cat Returns

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How was your April Fools’ Day?



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Kingdom Reborn | Muska & Sheeta



It felt good, being able to make Sheeta smile. And really, that was all that Muska could ever really ask for, the ability to make Sheeta happy; he didn’t need anything else, really, as long as she was content… He headed over to the balcony and stood beside her, staring out at the view. It really did feel like forever ago that he had been able to have this peace… But everything was better now. There wasn’t anything to worry about… He let the warmth wash over his body— something that he realized that he desperately needed… Warmth. And the rush that it sent through his veins— He felt as if he really could do anything. Anything in the world, because nothing would bring him down, and nothing would ever darken this light that he had found. He wrapped his arms around Sheeta again, placing a kiss on her forehead. He stepped back for a moment; he wanted to just revel in the fact that he was home, and that he had his princess by his side— Everything had finally worked out, even through all the hardships.

"This is going to probably look incredibly stupid, especially since I haven’t really done this in a while— Sheeta, if I break any limbs, I’m counting on you to heal me—" He noted the look on her face; Gods she always looked adorable, no matter what— "I’m kidding. I’m not going to be hurt by this." He flashed a charming smile at Sheeta before he jumped— quite gracefully— from the balcony. A flash of light and he felt his body floating. "Good! This still works!"

Flight was a marvelous feeling. Freeing and calming, it was a surefire way to chase away all worries and pains. He flew back over to the balcony and extended his hand to Sheeta. “Fly with me, my love— I want to show you the world as it is seen by the stars!” Of course, he knew that she might be frightened, but he wouldn’t drop her; that would be idiotic, and he wouldn’t invite her flying if he didn’t know what he was doing— and plus, as far as Muska knew, dancing in the sky and watching the sunrises and sunsets from the highest towers in Laputa was definitely romantic. And of course, afterward, there was dinner to be made, and then…

A safe place for children, huh. Well, I’d be stupid if I didn’t at least do my best to give her that dream… And plus… This is all I’ve ever wanted… To be here, at home… To raise a family with my beloved… The Air and the Earth don’t need to be so separate anymore… That’s all that’s ever really mattered, and Sheeta and I will restore this world’s peace… It’s all I could ever ask for…

The view  was spectacular, even beyond amazing. Breathtaking even. She was happy, to be here. Never did Sheeta ever think that she would be standing in Laputa again, or enjoying a view like this. After she had left the crumbling city with Pazu and landing back on Earth, she had wanted to erase all memory of here. Except for the garden. But now she felt at peace, and she was with her one true love. As she got lost in the view, Sheeta felt arms wrap around her and a kiss placed upon her forehead. The princess turned to look at her king as soon as she felt him let her go and step back.

His words that he spoke worried her, just what was he speaking of? Breaking limbs and healing him, she was very confused. But then he said he was kidding and that calmed her a bit. However her eyes then widened as she watched him jump from the balcony, a light gasp escaping from her lips as she quickly ran to look over the side.

Sheeta then glanced up and saw Muska reach his hand out towards her, asking her to fly with him. She had never flown before. The princess had only ever floated, and that happened when she was in danger. Once when she fell from the airship, and again when she and Pazu fell from the train tracks. The crystal had reacted to her. Sheeta was hesitant but she trusted him, and reaching out her own hand she placed it within is as a smile spread across her lips. “Take my hand and lead me to the stars then. I want to see everything with you my love.”

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Feed my muse terrible lies and try to convince them it’s true. Confuse and torment them.
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Lessons from Studio Ghibli
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